Welcome to MOATET

Friends, old and new:

Thanks for reading as I move on from Maryland, for a 3-12 month hiatus with my husband, Ken!  I’ve decided to scratch earlier posts since they are no longer relevant.

MOATET is a convenient acronym for “Musings of a Traveling English Teacher.”  I am embarrassed to say I can’t remember where the end quote belongs (although it usually falls the end of the entire sentence.)  Because I am referring to a specific title, the quote might actually go before the period? Comments are welcome.

And, please forgive me for any future grammar inconsistencies. After all, musings should  be grounded in some sort of structure lest they drift away. 


P.S. I am never quite sure which ads will pop up on pages. Some are horrifying, but click on them when they strike your fancy! Apparently, my blog gets more traffic that way. Thanks.

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Elevator People

Elevator People fall into at least 4 categories: 1: don’t you even look me, 2: usually nice, but embarrassed, 3: thoughtful: will move to back and/or push your floor button” and 4: So happy to talk to you!!”

Today I met a #4.

At about 7:00 am, I was hitching a brief ride up to the second floor (I had coffee, so whatever) and was joined by a rather jittery young man balancing a paper plate with eggs and sausage.  He honored my hulahoop space, pushed buttons #2 and #5, and then asked how I was:

“Fine, and how are you?”

“Making it.”

My companion had the look of a weary traveler, likely alone and completely disheveled. I boldly asked him why so tired, and he said he was in town to replace much of the lighting in the schools.  I will never know if he had companions on the job, or if it was up to him to move the ladder, but he brightened up when reporting his trade.  We said good-bye with best wishes for a lovely day.

Earlier this week I met a #1 and her shaggy dog.  They pushed out in front of me and never said a word.  Good riddance.

I look forward to future elevator conversations on this trip, or at least the presence of a fellow #2.  I am likely to be without makeup and contacts, and totally get the early morning blahs.  And, here’s to my #4 companion: may you bring like smiles to all you meet.

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