Borrow Pit: what my husband calls the ditch along the road


Along the cog railway to Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

“BorrowPitAdventures” is a name I chose many years ago while planning a year-long hiatus with my husband, Ken.  I intended, like others, to record our foray into the unknown. So far, we haven’t left the area, but the plan is still out there.  We had hoped to leave our jobs, say good-bye to our youngest after she crossed the high school graduation stage, and pack up our 1967 Airstream for places out west.  Still planning.

Ken was born and raised in Montana, and after our 3 daughters grew up, we vowed to get him back out there for some much deserved peace, open spaces, and mountain joy.  I figured, correctly, that in the meantime we would have many unintentional borrow pit adventures, casting about for guidance while parenting, working, and navigating the busy life, and roads, on the East Coast.  But as of today, June 15, 2017, I am starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of our tunnel of responsibility, and predict we will be off and running within a few more years.  Or, so I hope.

For now, I will blog a bit on what it means to be over 50 (well, over 56), in love with a curmudeonly but amazing man, and mother and grandmother to a growing family.  Perhaps you will find a word or two that causes a smile, or even a guffaw.  I hope you enjoy reading, and am confident that if you do, you will recognize your own wild self in a borrow pit adventure of your own!  Here’s to joy.



About beckyjorndecker

Just turned 57, loving life with an amazing husband, kids, and grandchildren. Hoping to break camp and head west out of Maryland, to experience nomadic life in a tin can Airstream. Hoping to find some borrow pit adventures.
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