Road Trip, 2017

Day One:  Preparations

Years ago, when my parents started a road trip (and there were many) it was important to get the VW ready and to finish any errands before leaving town.  My mom would have written several lists, all of which were checked off by the day of departure.  Her “must do” items included packing mostly, and I can still remember how itemized those lists were:

Becky:  shorts, tops, socks, shoes, underwear, (no bras yet), headbands, bathing suit,   bathing cap (yup), jacket, etc.  I imagine when we were very young her list included diapers for Les, the old cloth kind.  Ew.

My dad, on the other hand, had a scratchy list which was no doubt written on the back of an envelope.  He always used a black felt pen (“Flair”) and I still have one those lists in my keepsake box.  His jobs were to print the bulletin, mow the lawn, have the oil and belts checked, replace one of the tires, call any number of people, buy a new map, etc.  Needless to say, mom had everything ready on time and we kids were practically bouncing in our seats.  My packing list included books, of course. But our hoped-for early Saturday departures were always considerably delayed by dad’s last minute errands.  At some point over the years, I realized any Jorn vacation would fail to launch before late afternoon, but from then on we were set and on the way to Ohio for a first stop with relatives.

For my road trip, the day also started late but Ken and I were both working and I had to clean up after my final day at Cooking Camp.  For the past 3 weeks, I have been teaching at the local college’s Kids on Campus program and I was the chef for 5 classes.  This information has my family confused since I am not traditionally a cook, but I exceeded even my own expectations with homemade/scratch pasta noodles, tomato sauce, lemon cake, candies, blueberry pie, and even croissants.  Still checking for powdered sugar in my hair.

We left Denton at approximately 5:30 pm and after “coffee-ing up” went straight toward Route 313 in Delaware and then I-95.  After Wilmington and Philly, we turned northwest toward Allentown and spent the night at The Globe Inn in East Greenville, PA.  Our innkeeper, Mike, was welcoming and considerate although we did not see him this trip. (Ken and I had spent the night here a few weeks back.)  Mike left the keys in the mailbox and we creeped up to the 3rd floor on creaky, narrow stairs to the Hemingway Suite.  Each room/suite at The Globe is thematic.  I noticed old books in picture boxes on the wall, and the map motiff wall paper.  Ken noticed the flopped over rifle case which was hung in readiness for the ghost of Ernest and his safari crew.  Unfortunately, the case was slung over a lone nail on the wall and hung limply in a half moon: a bit uninspriring, but other than that, I was ready to tumble into bed and dream of our upcoming adventures.  Tomorrow we see Miles and family to celebrate his 6th birthday!



About beckyjorndecker

Just turned 57, loving life with an amazing husband, kids, and grandchildren. Hoping to break camp and head west out of Maryland, to experience nomadic life in a tin can Airstream. Hoping to find some borrow pit adventures.
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