Day One: To Canada

While watching Mike put together the Mario Kart car from Ken:  “Dad, were you born to do this?”

Spent a lovely 2 hours at the Quashne’s for a Miles/Grammy birthday breakfast of sorts.  Lots of fun, lots of sticky waffle baby hands.  A perfect morning.

At about 10:30, we headed north towards Buffalo and Niagra Falls!  We had every intention of seeing the falls, but things happen.  The most surprising was we saw signs to the Harriet Tubman homestead in Aurora, and her Home for the Aged that she established once she remained in NY.  We couldn’t stay long enough for a tour, but met some nice folks who let me buy a commemorative t-shirt even though they had just closed.

We had about a 1/2 hour wait crossing into Canada, but we were excited to see the falls!  I knew from legend that the Canada side was “better” than the American, so we passed by the sign to the American Falls and on the other side tried to find any sort of sign directing us to the Canadian.  I’m not sure Canada “does” parks like we do.  No sign, nothing.  We looked at the GPS but nothing was obvious.  So we turned back and tucked into a pizza place before almost accidently getting back in line to cross back into the US.

Our nice waiter brought out a tourist map, and showed us how to find the falls which were barely visible in the middle of everything.  He said it would be very hard to get in and out of that part of town because it was a Saturday night and a “zoo”, so we opted to keep going and plan a fall trip.  We kept going up to Caledon, ON, CA where I had booked a small B&B, Forest Creek.

By the time we got there it was dark, of course, and we happened to check in at 10:00 pm which was the exact same time one of the other families was doing the same.  The owner was a bit confused, thinking we were all together, but we were finally ushered into the “Sunshine Room” and collapsed.  Breakfast was pleasant: homemade quiche, honey-sweetened granola on fresh fruit, and fresh-squeezed o.j.

For better or worse, we were also treated to Pippa, a 5-month-old puppy who was a bit out of control, but cute.  The owner proudly showed us his bandaided finger from his most recent nip.  He admitted that he and his wife were cat owners by tradition, and it was clear he had no idea how to keep Pippa from grabbing Ken’s napkin off his lap for fun.  We checked out, and moved on, but it was a nice stay.



About beckyjorndecker

Just turned 57, loving life with an amazing husband, kids, and grandchildren. Hoping to break camp and head west out of Maryland, to experience nomadic life in a tin can Airstream. Hoping to find some borrow pit adventures.
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