Day Three: Nawaka

Ah, Camp Nawakwa

Established in 1923, (I bought the sweatshirt that said so), Camp Nawakwa remains a family style North Woods camp that has welcomed generations.  My dad’s parents, Art and Lorraine Jorn, brought him and his sister, Nola, here in the 40’s I think, and then Dad and Mom brought me, Bernie, and Les here throughout the late 60’s and 70’s.  It has not changed.  Ken made a special trip into this area of Wisconsin, off the path toward MT, so I could remember and laugh.  I cried a bit, remembering childhood and the fun memories, but I was so glad we went since I had not seen it in 40 years.  We met a few “old timers” who knew very well how wonderful a place it had been, and continues to be.

Today’s amazing moment happened on the way to Nawakwa, when a large, lone wolf strode across the highway in front of us!  He picked up some speed before we realized what we had seen and I had no time for a picture, but Ken said it was a rare thing to see. In all his time in the woods, he has never seen one and so we felt very lucky!  Apparently, the wolf population in Wisconsin has been growing and is in need of management, but they are still amazing to see in the wild.  I thought of Laura Ingalls Wilder whose story begins in Little House in the Big Woods.

We took the scenic route around Lake Superior toward Superior, WI which links to Duluth, Minnesota.  The drive was beautiful with gorgeous lake views and scenes of families splashing in the lake waves.  Spent the night in Grand Rapids in a very tiny room but we didn’t care, we were tired and happy.