Day Two: Sault St. Marie

For the uninformed:  “Soo”, not “Salt”.

Now, this river city was one I always wanted to visit for the sole reason that it has a very cool name.  We spent a few hour there, but it was a bit run down and industrial.  There was a smog haze over much of it although you could see they had tried to spruce things up with a boardwalk around the harbor.

We stayed in the Days Inn and had a comfortable but unremarkable room.  The laugh of the day was a sign posted along a grassy driveway in the middle of Ontario:

For Sale:  Organic Rabbits

Now, this has so much funny going on I don’t know where to start.  First, are they dead or alive?  Some people sell live rabbits by the roadside (or at least from their back porch hutches).  And, if people are selling dead ones, they would usually say “rabbit”.  Like, “chicken” for sale, or “beef”.  Never the plural.  Ken started narrating the scenario for organic rabbits and non-organic rabbits standing around waiting to be sold.  The non- would be standing around smoking French cigarettes, shooting pool, etc.  Of course one would prefer the organic rabbits, they were so much better for you.

We checked out and said good-bye to Canada after first missing the signs back to the USA border bridge.  We had no wait, and the border guard seemed a bit bored.  No pun intended.  We told him we had purchased 1 bottle of authentic Cuban rum a piece (one for me, one for Mike) and headed into the top of Michigan realizing that nobody really wanted to go to the USA these days.